Monday, December 6, 2010

Yule Tree

Rummaging through the garage my daughter and I managed to pull all our decoration boxes out. It was sunny and very warm that day so it seemed abit odd to us setting up the tree. We brought the box with all he tree ornaments upstairs and into the house. This once a year tradition for us always makes me feel just like a kid again. I put on our favorite holiday tunes and my daughter pours each a glass of egg nog. (This year she got to partake in the addition of an adult beverage mixed up in the egg nog too! )
Going through the box we took out each of the ornaments we where going to use on the tree and set on the table. As the music played and the lights twinkled on the tree my daughter kept saying 'I remember this one when I was a kid". Or "I remember when I made this one for you!" She was just as excited as I was.

My tree over the years has changed many times. From the large 7ft one we use to put up, to the now 4 ft one I have used for many years now. I went from real tress to artificial, mainly due to the house hold pets that kept getting into the water and such. For he last few years I have been using silk poinsettia flowers instead of round glass bulbs. A large lighted bow/ribbon graces the top of my tree now. But the one thing that stays constant is the memories that hang on the yule tree it's self.

The only thing that I have gone out of my way to collect is the flower fairies that Hallmark puts out every year. This year's addition was a flower fairy called Blue Bell. I took that to be a wonderful sign. I live in Texas now (moved here in Jan.) and the state flower is a Blue Bell!!.

I have ornaments that the kids made for me. I have some that friends have given me too. Some that have been passed down to me from my mother and some that my father gave me. Every one of them reminds me of a loved one. When I turn my Yule Tree lights on each night, it makes me feel warm with the memory of those who can not be here to share this season with me but are always close to my heart.

There will be cards added to the tree that family has sent with money in it. Then as the  month goes on other things will get added. Each one of us making it abit more specail for this season.  =] 


  1. I wanted to Thank You so much for your post! Your kindness, sympathy and heartfelt words were wonderful to read. At time one just needs to vent all their frustrations to the world. I am also realizing that I am burning myself out this holiday season, If you read Pieces of Fate, check out her post about staying sane this holiday season, I had a real ah-ha moment reading the burnout part, totally me! So thank You again I am feeling much better thanks to all your comments and some good old fashioned down time!

  2. PS I love your faerie decorations! they are just marvelous :)

  3. Ditto FS! I like the faeries too! Hmm... Faerie Sage... Blue Faerie... maybe there's a reason we like this tree so much. :P

    P.S. I've got a giveaway going on at my site. Stop on down anytime! :)