Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winding down

I can't believe that this month...this year, is almost over. It feels like what was left of the year stepped onto the bullet train right after Samhain and hasn't looked back since.

As a family we celebrated Yule along with our traditional X-mas. Yule was more meaningful for me on a spiritual level, just as  X-mas was fun and light hearted. We all took the day to completely relax and just enjoy the day. Watching DVD curled up on the couch with my husband was such a treat. My daughter got the new iPod touch, so she spent most of the day downloading her songs and applications. Now I will finally get my regular iPod back! (Hers quit on her a couple of months again and she has been listening to mine. You KNOW she was desperate if she was listening to my music!!!)
Even the kitties got in on the action.

                                         Lady checking out her new toy.

                                         Alley helping with the unwrapping.

                       Lady deciding that Santa picked out a pretty good toy this year!

                                         Lady after abit to much catnip!!!!

I have read and seen pictures of others who got caught in that terrible blizzard. I am glad to hear that you all stayed safe and warm. Thanks to all of you who shared your pictures. I have lived in that for 17 plus years and I am still amazed at Mother Nature.

Blessings to all of you. If you celebrate this weekend may it be safe and fun one.     


  1. Love the cats, thank you for sharing. Unfortunately it appears that my feral cat did not survive the snow storm we had last Sunday.

    Blessings Fiona

  2. I am so glad I found your blog from Mad Madam. I am absolutely feline crazy and have two very beloved and spoiled feline familiars; Miss Bella and Sele. Your Lady is a true goddess. One of my girls loves catnip and the other could care less about it. That makes me so sad to read "A Solitary Pagan's" message about her feral kitty :( Wishing all of you a New Year full of treats and snuggles.

  3. Love the Lady photos! My sister-in-law has a cat that is wonderful to watch after it's high on catnip. It's usually a pretty nasty cat (every part of the house is HIS part of the house), but the second he gets some catnip in him he all of a sudden loves everyone and anyone with a kitty brush. :P

    P.S. Happy New Year! And if you're a football person, I bow down before the awesomeness that is Texas Christian University. They gave the Badgers a very talented whooping today. As a Badger, I'm disappointed. Though, as a football fan I'm really wishing we had some Texas coaches up here next season. :)