Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookies and Zombie Apocalypse

Yes. You read that right. I can truly say that we are not the "Norman Rockwell" or "Hallmark" picture of the holidays!!!

My daughter and I took all day Sunday to make holiday cookies. By the time we got done, all the counters where full of sprinkles and crushed candy canes. Settling down at the kitchen table we set about putting them into gift bags and labeling tags to go with them.
So here we are, spread out all over the table when the neighbor gal comes over. She promptly sits down with us and starts to help. With holiday music playing in the background the girls start talking about favorite movies and TV shows. Of course the Twilight movies are a major topic (go Team Jacob!!) Then they start onto zombies. Not just movies and shows, but what they would do WHEN the zombie apocalypse happens. They have a mental list of who is in charge of getting food (lots of Twinkies because they last forever I am told), who's in charge of securing transportation.  (Which I was enlisted for that job, with specifications of the largest motor home available at the time. I was also told it may be the apocalypse but there is no need  not to go in style!!) My husband and the neighbors dad where put in charge of fire power and all that it might include.
They sat there the entire time we put together these cookie bags together and planned out in detail what needed to be done. I remember as a kid baking cookies for the holidays with my mom, but never did zombies play a part!

I have to tell ya it was one of the funnest and funniest evening spent!!  Here's to a new holiday tradition!
Cookies and the Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe next year it will be Cookies and ........????

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  1. I am officially caught up on your blogs! I love that you are sharing your thoughts and your journey with others here. Who knows, maybe I'll post some of my writing here...seems like a pretty good forum, and plenty of new minds to touch. To one more life for your love, always.