Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Tropical Thanksgiving

This year we celebrated our first Thanksgiving on the coast. What a change from last year. Living in the Midwest for over 12 years (or anywhere for that matter) you can get used to a certain kind of weather/climate for those all important holidays. For us last year it was snow, ice, cold, and alot more ice! This year it was sunny..warm..breezy and...WARM!!  (shorts and tank tops just seemed abit odd for this time of year....but I'll take it!) I still did the turkey(breast) and all the fixing's. We ate till we all felt stuffed and crashed out on the couch for a nap and movie. All and all....a successful Thanksgiving.

Getting excited about Yule. This too will be my first Yule (celebrating as a Pagan) and Christmas here on the coast. Various committees have already decorated the island. House's seem to be springing up all over with lights on palm trees, railings and walkways. I will be taking some pics soon to share. We will be getting our Yule tree up and decorated on Thursday, then the outside lights on Saturday. ( I hope) In our small community they are having a "Tropical X-mas parade" on Sat. night with fireworks afterward. Looking forward to checking it out.
I will not miss the cold, ice and snow this season. I sure have had my fill. But with all honestly I am sure that if I  give it a few years I might.

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  1. Hey SW,

    Thank you so much for your Yule/Xmas tradition advice. I have been doing the Google search too, but have been getting a ton of E-How links. Not so great. Luckily other bloggers have been providing me with tons of other ideas too.

    A Texas tropical Yule? I used to live in Dallas/Ft. Worth area & I think it actually snowed one year. But the coast should be a wholly different and fun experience. :) Blessed Early Yule!