Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

While surfing for info on the Winter Solstice and Full Moon on Dec.21st I came across an addition to this special evening. A Total Lunar Eclipse. Fascinated I dug some more and came across this web site with tons of facts,

If you are anything like me, I went straight to the part where it shows a) can I see it from where I live, and b) what TIME can I see if??

As it turns out all of North America has a chance to see along with part of Europe and the Pacific too.
For us that live in the Central Standard Time Zone the eclipse will start at 12:33am. Will be at Mid-Eclipse (which means it will be completely eclipsed) at 2:17am and then be back to normal by 4:01am.

Now 2 am in the morning is pretty darn early!! But I am thinking that since this is the Winter Solstice, Full Moon AND a Total Lunar Eclipse.......... I am pretty sure I can drag my weary butt out of bed to get a look at one of nature's marvels!! Who knows..maybe I can even get a picture of it too!

Now lets hope that it is not cloudy that night/morning!!! 

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  1. That's so awesome! Thanks so much for letting us know what is more amazing that the longest night of the year, with a full moon and a lunar eclipse! How awesome. And people are all worried about 2012!