Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Surfing

I have had a chance this weekend to visit and read several Witch/Pagan sites. It has been wonderful to read and "see" so many of your different personalities coming through.  I have been trying to customize my site alittle bit at a time while getting idea's as I visit yours. One of these days I will figure out just how to put up a really fun background like the rest of you!! lolol

I plan this week to get back to my "studies" as it where. I am reading everything I can get my hands on and most importantly taking time to find out what feels right for me. Being a Solitary Witch has fit just perfect into my life right now. Everything I am reading from books, websites and blogs has been a tremendous help. I am able to pick and choose what will work for me.
Reading about how others preform ritual and how they celebrate the holidays gives me idea's on how I can implement them into my way of life. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge..especially with those of us who are new to this path..and for me, who is dedicated to spending whats left of my life's journey walking it.
Hope you all had a relaxing weekend and a blessed week to come

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