Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was going thru some of my pics that we have taken since moving here to our new home state in January. I found a couple that give you an idea of what our view is every day.
We live on an island that sits between two bays. The bays are the only thing that stand between us and the Gulf of Mexico. For that reason alone we stay warmer in the winter than the rest of the state. Which is a blessing for me who loves the heat and is dog tired of the cold!
I know that my blood has thinned out so to speak and I will be right with the rest of the people turning on the heater when the temps get down into the 50's at night. (kinds sounds ridiculous right now as one who has lived in the Midwest for so long)
This picture is taken from our front porch. The view is amazing and everyday I look out the window and thank the Goddess and God for this opportunity.

This pic is one of many that we have taken of the sunsets. Every night the sunset is different and just as beautiful. There wasn't a cloud to be found that day. It made for a colorful evening sky.


  1. Seeing your Texas flag flying makes me homesick!!

  2. I am so greatful to being calling Texas my home state!!! =]