Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting ready

I have been doing my best to get everyone into the spirit Halloween. Since I have started in earnest down my Craft pathway, I have been slowly combining our taught (from our parents) traditions with the "new" ones. My efforts have been received with much love and support I am happy to say.
So with that in mind, we set out to carve up our pumpkins. It seems just abit odd since the last time I carved one, I was living in the Midwest and the "frost on the pumpkins" was just not a saying! This time however, we where all in shorts and tank tops. Sitting in the shade under the oak tree, enjoying the breeze off the bay as we cut, gutted, and carved our way through the pumpkins. What fun! I went through four pumpkins "guts" and saved all the seeds so I can dry them and feed them to the birds. My daughter thought I had lost my mind. (and by the way....that is alot of pumpkins seeds!!! )
We set them up on the front deck so they can glow out over the balcony and greet the evening island walkers as they stroll by.
I am also getting ready of Samhain. The house is decorated with a combination of witchy/Halloween and fall items. We have a tub full of dried out wood that we will be using for our Samhain evening fire. I have also made some sleep protection bags (that are sitting on my alter right now) to be handed out that night too.
I have been working on what I want to change/improve for this coming year. I will also be putting some of my old "baggage" to rest too.
Even though I do not have the traditional change in seasons as I did in the Midwest, I can still feel the change all around me. The wind is caring a coolness that I have not felt in months. The water in the bay is down to 80 degrees now. (I know..if it isn't bathtub warm I don't want to swim in it!! ) Even the wild life around me has changed.
I welcome this time of year. The end of a season, the beginning of anew.
May this change see all of you blessed.

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  1. i did not carve one pumpkin this year because the booger squirrels carved them for me.