Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This will be the first Fall I have spent in the last 18 years not in the Midwest. I will not miss the ice, the snow shoveling, the delays and the endless...very cold weather!
I will however miss the turning of the seasons. The trees as their leaves turn all the beautiful colors before they drop. The big piles of them in people's yards as they try pick them up before the snow flys.
I live on the coast in the south now. Don't get me wrong. It is beautiful here!! (will have to post some pics soon) I enjoy the moist heat and "wasting" a summer day away swimming and floating in the bay is not bad either!
The weather here too has turned Fall like. The temps are now in the 80's with 60's for the evening. The humidity is around 50% now with a slight coolness in the breeze. Beautiful...just beautiful.

The house is decorated with all the Fall colors. Even have a few of our Halloween things out of boxes and placed about the house too.
This Fall I will have to listen much for closely for the all the changes that where "in my face" in the Midwest!!
But with wanting to be closer to the Goddess and God...that's not such a bad thing either!

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