Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Up Close

This weekend seems to rip past. Here it is already Tuesday!!
The best part of this weekend was my up close and personal encounter with Mother Nature as it where.  My husband and I where finally done for the day and where sitting out in the backyard enjoying what was left of the afternoon. I had a few days prior put out a couple of bird feeders to attract the migrating birds that have started to move through our area.
The feeders where busy with lots of activity and we where enjoying the sights and sounds when all of a sudden the birds started to act jittery.
We watched as a Grackle (a medium sized black bird with bright yellow eyes) flew up into the tree that the other smaller birds had abruptly left. Suddenly the Grackle starts squawking and he launches himself from the tree and he is flying straight for me. Now mind you I am sitting under the porch next to the patio table.
From the corner of my eye I see the underneath (white with bands of brown)of another really large bird hot on his tail!  I grab my head and DUCK!! In the time it took for me to see the other bird and grab my head, I realized that the second bird was a HAWK diving in for the Grackle. When the Grackle flew past my head I felt his tail brush my head and heard him screaming through covered patio to the front yard.
When I raised my head to look around and took my hands off my head I realized that the Grackle also pooed on my head on his way by!! LOLOLOL. Talk about have the poop scared out of ya!
Man. Talk about getting up close and personal!
The hawk that was after the Grackle was a Broad Winged Hawk. They are one of the many birds that migrate through our area at this time. They are an amazing hawk to watch on the wing. Even more impressive in action.

Note:  As a side note...I have been following Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom like many of you do. I have really enjoyed her blog and the 31 days of Halloween! Today she had listed a site on her blog.. I'm Not Hannah. I am mentioning here because..1) I wanted another entry to try and win what the giveaway is today at her site..lolol and 2) I wanted to thank all of those who have given of their time and energy so that those of us, like myself, can enjoy reading and seeing all of you. No matter the winning, it is just great getting to visit so many people who have so much in common!

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