Friday, April 22, 2011


Somehow the Easter Bunny forgot to let me know that Easter is this Sunday!!
Not that we celebrate Easter for the "mainstream" religious views of that day.
When I look back on all those years of cooking a big meal for everyone, hiding eggs for the kids, it was just me following a tradition that was passed down to me from my mother. Oh we went to church on an occasional Easter Sunday, but never in any regular fashion.
It was pretty much, all about the big fancy meal and the company that came over to eat it with you. (not to mention all the leftovers you had for a week after!!)

My kids are all grown up now. No more Easter egg hunts and baskets to get and fill.
So what does Easter mean to me? It's a reminder of Spring. That depending on where you live, that Spring is starting to show it's self or that it is well on it's way.
Easter is about new life. The birth of babies of all kinds. The renewal of life. The cycle continuing.

So, Easter for us will be different than that of my mother's handed down tradition.
We well be hitting the beach on Sunday morning for a walk and a picnic lunch. Then back home to fire up the BBQ and have a relaxing cook out.
I will also be sending out my many thanks to the Goddess for all of her blessings upon us too.

If you are celebrating Easter in a more tradition fashion, then may for day be filled with good food and friends,
If you are celebrating this day with little ones, enjoy the egg hunts and even that plastic grass in the bottom of the Easter baskets. This kids grow up so fast!!
If you are more like me than blessings to you and yours today. May your travels be safe and your b
r;omd pu sjf upid'
brights bl;
rdomhd nr many! 


  1. I very much enjoyed our Easter this year. Especially the walk on the beach. Love you for all you do.

  2. I'm sorry I don't get over here often enough - I suck. My Easter, however? It was good. Quiet, which was bliss if I do say so myself!