Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was over at My Kids Might Be Martins this evening and she was sharing an update about their recent adoptive dog Brody. He sounds so much like our Banx that I just had to share a picture.

Our Banx loves to go for rides in the truck. He too LOVES the front seat. Now you have to picture that our dog is is about 75 pounds. Our truck is a Ford Ranger extended cab. Which pretty much means that it has two bucket seats in the front and enough space in behind the seats to fit two small kids. Yeah..not alot of space in the back but it gets us where we need to go.

There have been times when I have taken my daughter to work and Banx needs to ride in the back seat. He is not at all happy with this arrangement to say the least. He will huff and pout to make his point about how unfair it is that he has to ride in the back all the way to her work. (which by the way is about 10 mins from the house!!LOL)

The picture below was taken when he was expressing his dislike for the whole seating arrangement!!
I was laughing so hard that my daughter had to take the pic!!
Now that is a look that says.....You have got to be kidding!!!!!  LOLOLOLOL

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  1. I still can't believe how ornery that boy gets when he doesn't get his way...hell, he'll even barge right into the bedroom if he thinks you are ignoring him. Damn near broke a hip ya know...