Monday, January 31, 2011

Frank'n Blanket

Yep. That's right. I have created................a monster of a blanket!

Now in my minds eye when I started this thing it was a fabulous piece of crochet work. All the crocheted blocks where the same size. All the stitches that bound those blocks together where evenly spaced. The color pattern was one to be admired and left one wondering "How did she do that?"

Ummm....that is not how my very first blanket turned out. I have affectionately dubbed this first blanket the "Frank'n Blanket".

My blocks are not the same size. My stitches to bind them together are at the very most functional.(far from being pleasant to the eye) My inner "Monk" I like to call it, just shrieks at me every time I look at it in detail. My Monk points out all the things (no straight lines, blocks not evenly get the idea) that are "wrong" with it. And it sure as heck does not look like anything my mother ever made. How come mine turned out like the crocheted version of Frankenstein and my mothers always looked so easy and picture perfect?? Oh..yeah, that's right. She had way more practice than I did!!
Y'all, I weighed it today and it is 6 pounds!! I had to do a double take. Yep. 6 pounds. Man. That's like giving birth to another child!

My daughter says it has personality. My husband (bless his heart) says he will keep it forever!

What I like about my Frank'n Blanket is that it is the first I have ever made. It is the first one that I have ever completed. It was on my get accomplished this year list. It is heavy and very warm and was made with love. (smiles) That's what makes it the best.

So without further ado...let me introduce..... FRANK'N BLANKET


  1. lol I have several 'frankn' projects lawing about but just don't have the heart to fix them now that i have the skill because well they have a story to them and even though they aren't perfect they are mine. Love you blanket and good luck with perfecting your skill

  2. Well, practice makes perfect. ^^

    Maybe it will "even out" if you wet it and pin it to a surface to "stretch" it?

  3. Hey, even or uneven squares, it all keeps you warm just the same!