Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hormones running amuck

"We are drowning in a sea of girly hormones". A quote from my husband last night as we tried to find a more suitable way to keep from tieing up our daughter and duct tapping her mouth shut.
I know that this sounds really harsh. But for any of you who have had a 19 year old female in your home you know exactly what I am talking about.

This is pretty much how an average month goes with our hormonal daughter.

The first week that she is done with her cycle and back on the pill, she is mellow, loving, patience and pretty much all around normal.

Week two comes along and you start to see small changes. She gets annoyed at something that happened at work or the fact that she ran out of clean underwear.

Week three comes at us like whirling wind. She flys through the house hell bent on baking the first thing that comes to mind. One month she baked cupcakes, THREE different kinds of cheesecake  and cookies. This was all done in a one week time frame. Besides the baking  she also starts  turning into this crazy version of my daughter. Snappy at times, the patience she once had earlier went running for cover.
And the loving part?? Oh yea...she's got the loving part, TIMES TWO!! But not for Mom and Dad. For anything that resembles a man!

Week four finds our family tired, from all of her crazy pent up energy. We are stuffed with all the baked goods she has made, and if I hear one more time "That guy is so HOT I am gonna marry him" one more time I am going to scream!!!

Yes I love her to death. Yes she is one BC pills. (could you imagine her without them?) No I have not had a cycle since 2001  then the doctors put me on HRT therapy.
The hormones are all from her!! 

Here's to another month survived with girly!!! 


  1. my sister is 20 and I know what you mean. I enjoyed seeing her for winter break but 3 weeks was a long time. Especially with her raging hormones!
    the goddess delivered some amazing patience while she was here!

  2. I have the RIGHT, to remain silent...let's just see how if I have the abilitaaaaaa!

  3. Ha! I'm sort of the same way. I get nicer when I have chocolate available though.

  4. Thank God I don't have to put my poor husband thru that anymore. Mirena is my BFF!