Friday, February 4, 2011


I had to double check my driver's licenses. Yep. Still live in Texas.
But last night I was having some major flash back of the nasty ice storms we have been through in the Midwest.
We woke up this morning to ice covered palm tress and tropical plants weighed down due to the amount of ice.

I could have made a few extra dollars this morning by renting out my old ice scraper for all of those windshields. But even without the scraper many where using an assortment of kitchen utensils! The spatula seem the most popular today.

The sun is now trying to peak through the clouds and our temps are going back up. WooHoo!!

Looking forward to more normal temps this weekend!!


  1. Those of us up in Wisconsin are just as surprised. I'm gearing up for the Superbowl & when I saw a picture of the stadium down in Texas my mouth hung open. All the hope I can give you is that, eventually, ice melts. :)

    Stay warm!

  2. Thanks Blue Faerie! The sun did make a show this afternoon and melted most of the ice, but temp will drop again tonight. Good news is that should be the last of the cold. Back into the 50s tomarrow and 60s for the Super Bowl!!

    Stay safe and warm up there in WI. (got family myself up there and you guys have been hammered pretty hard to this winter!!)