Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yesterday was the very first time that I did a smudging. On my trip to the all natural store last week I also picked up smudge sticks. I waited till Monday to do this so that I would have the house to myself and could concentrate on what I was doing. Using a feather my daughter gave me I waved the smoke in every direction, paying close attention to windows and doors. The smoke it's self did not have adverse affects on my breathing so I was able to do the whole house without interruption. 
The negative energy that had been building up has been released and oh what a difference it has made. I have noticed it in both my daughter and  husband too. They are both much more relaxed and centered. I don't think they realize it, but I definitely see it.
 I know that this will certainly be on item I will be using to keep our home centered.

I have also been trying out the different herbal brew recipes that Mrs.B had posted on her blog. (Thanks Mrs.B!!!!!) They have been wonderful!! They fill the house with an all natural aroma that leaves the house feeling.........well..feeling blessed. I look forward to putting together a few of my own combinations soon.

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